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The management company cooperate Pavel and Petr Dolezal small business seo packages Granted. Head Product Department's Matej Novak, who has extensive experience in programming, Making your site and the search engine optimization. Other specialists in creating accessible and usable websites and search engine optimization. Graphic form projects creates Petra. Significant market share Tax mainly in the sector of management of PPC campaigns, all experts on this issue holds a certificate as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional. Campaigns Czech clients manage Comic and Andrew Martin Klepac. Polish Campaigns have to worry about Adam. Analytical and development tools for developing Tax Jakub Havel and Michal Palm. Jacob Havel programming web applications spend several years and their experience ranks among the Czech peak, among others. He wrote the series on the use of XML on the web for Live probably created the first fully AJAX server with us. Specializes in Palma PHP programming.
Good web is a counseling center in the creation and small business seo packages management of websites, Internet strategy, SEM, SEO, information architecture, accessibility and usability websites. The company carried out audits of accessibility Site of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry Information, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Environment and Constitutional Court. On its website Good web access to some online tools web design and SEO- Automatic website audit, ROI Calculator Web Project or chargeable Position tracker for ongoing monitoring and statistics placement sites in search engines for the keywords entered. Good Web project manager is Peter, which manages the work team Good Web and engages in daily contact with clients. The main field of interest is Internet marketing, especially advertising campaigns in search engines and SEO. Almost everyone in the field knows her project WebTvorba. Known figure in Czech web design Martin Costs, who late s contributed to the expansion of cascading style sheets among web developers. Yippee supporter of wheelchair access to the site. It deals with the design of your website and internet marketing. It is an expert in usability, promotion and development of web pages. He is the author of local business seo the book Building a successful business website- strategy creation and promotion.
He holds the position of project manager Jan. Adam Hauler acts as external consultant, mainly dealing with SEO, usability and web creation. Another Consultant Martin, which focuses primarily on technical aspects search engine optimization and creation of business texts. H By called H hides consulting firm providing analysis, consulting, training and creative services related to internet marketing and internet business strategy, SEO, creation, management, information architecture, usability and accessibility websites. Lecturers from H dedicated to vocational training in these areas, regularly organize a seminar last Wednesday. It was founded in autumn by four companions David. In January, acquired a minority share investor Centralway Swiss Holding AG. Among the clients of the company include CEZ, Atlas, Inc., MaMaison Residence or NetTravel.CZ. H conducted in October access audits Public Administration Portal. Among the team members H find many a specialist in SEM. Director of the David that besides business focuses mainly accessibility and usability site.
Chief consultant of the company's Marek Troop, who can without exaggeration be considered really seasoned web player is a specialist in web development, internet business strategy and marketing, is an active participant in many conferences. Among other issues Internet magazine known owl in the network. He has written numerous articles on SEM. Specialist internet marketing is Michal Kurtis. Its domain is optimization Web search engine, managing paid campaigns on the Internet and creating strategies Internet marketing. Such activities write a weblog. He is co Summer School SEO Lupe. Writing effective text for the web copy writing and web usability Site specializes Vaclav Struck, see his weblog. Specialist advertising campaigns in search engines, the holder of the certificate Qualified Google Advertising Professional. They act as consultants in H also see here Size Martin, who is the author CSS for Dummies books, writes his weblog expert, Roman and Jan.